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In the featured tab PopUps are shown that are given extra attention. In this tab you will further more find recently added PopUps and PopUps that will open next week.


This tab show PopUps that are open now and PopUps that will open soon. The PopUps can also be shown on a map of the Netherlands.


Here you will find an overview of companies that will help you start your own PopUp, promote your own PopUp or provide space for PopUps.


Here you can enter your preferences regarding the category and countie. You can also specify whether or not you want to reveice push notifications.

The App

Watch the PopUpPoint App demo movie on the left. Below you can find the QR Code of the App.

Promote your PopUp

'PopUp is passion... PopUp is your passion! And what is more fun, than sharing your passion with lots of likeminded?'

When you want to start your own PopUp, a lot of stuff needs to be taken care of: renting a space, decorating the space, determine whether you want to be cash-only or accept pin or credit card, etc. These tasks may take up so much time, the chance is, you end up advertising your PopUp too late or not at all. The result is your PopUp could have been even more successful, and that is a pity.

The biggest advantages:

  • You only want to promote your PopUp for one week, it can be done. Want to promote your PopUp more than a year, that is possible also.
  • For example, You can start publicity of your PopUp two weeks in advance, before you actually start.
  • Or consider your PopUp is open for five weeks, you may also only advertise using our App during the first three weeks.
  • The period your PopUp is active, is unrelated to the period you want to advertise using our App.
  • Also users are notified whenever a new PopUp is added yo the App.
  • An additional separate in-app alert can be set to notify the end user a PopUp goes active on the actual day of opening.
  • In short, you determine the period you want to be visible in our App.


  • The period invoiced is per block of seven days (even if an 'event' only lasts three days).
  • The costs will be settled per block.
  • A full month will also be settled per block, e.g. the month May will be settled in five blocks (spanning four weeks and three days).
  • Discounts are applicable when the requested advertising period is longer.
  • For a minor extra fee you can also be mentioned in the 'Featured' section fir the same duration.

(Refer to the website for the amounts per period and the terms and conditions)

As flexible as a PopUp is, that is how flexible PopUpPoint.com is!


PopUp Basic

per day

  • Visible in the App
  • Featured
  • Week 1-4: 1,00/day
  • Week 5-8: 0,90/day
  • Week 9 >: 0,80/day
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Temporarily free

PopUp Pro

per day

  • Visible in the App
  • Featured
  • Week 1-4: 1,50/day
  • Week 5-8: 1,40/day
  • Week 9 >: 1,30/day
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Temporarily free

Event Basic

per event

  • Visible in the App
  • Featured
  • An event to a maximum of seven days
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Temporarily free

Event Pro

per event

  • Visible in the App
  • Featured
  • An event to a maximum of seven days
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Temporarily free

The story behind the PopUpPoint App

PopUp is booming and is a grown up way to market your products and services. This is noticable due to the fact that the concept is becoming known more and more by an increasing number of people.

The attractive feature of a PopUp is the 'lucid' character, which provides variation and stirs up shopping centres. The PopUp concept broadens and does not only apply to physical stores, but nowadays includes restaurants, musical ventures, networking, etc.

It would be very nice if you could live of your passion by itself, but in most cases you will end up making costs, e.g. for renting a temporary space. This shows you the business aspect of a PopUp is a very important one and requires commentment and to view your PopUp as a real business.

The short nature of a PopUp may cause that a lot of interested notice you PopUp too late or not at all because your PopUp is already 'over'. The default channels to promote your PopUp are word of mouth, advertisements, family, friends, Facebook and Twitter. The so called shotgun tactics.

Would it not be nice to use a channel, that maximises your PopUps exposure and covers the whole of the Netherlands? And where all App users are interested in the PopUp concept? Your audience will increase directly and the amount of time you need to invest in advertising reduces, which allows for spending more time on your passion, your PopUp!

Joe Muller

Creative Manager

Rob Kamp

Backend and Web Developer

Cedrick Gout

iOS Developer

Evert van den Braak

Android Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Must the duration in the App conform to the duration of my PopUp?

No, this is not the case, however it is possible.
You may, e.g. start advertising two weeks before the opening of your PopUp and then stop, sop the public is already informed.
Alternatively, you could restart advertising two months after your PopUp has opened to gain extra attention.

I no longer receive notifications for newly added PopUps in my App. What causes this?

Maybe a ne release of the App is installed. By navigating to the 'notification' tab and switch off and on the 'notification' button, the notifications should arrive again.

A bell icon is shown atop some PopUps What is it's purpose?

These PopUps are not officially open/active, but are already listed in the App. By clicking the bell icon, you will receive an alert the day this PopUp is activated.

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